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Yoga came into my life slowly about 6 years ago– I read about yoga and bought DVD’s, a mat and started to practice at home, alone. It is hard for me, like many others, to get into and keep a schedule of working out at home. I also wanted to learn more than was on the DVD’s and to learn and know that I was doing poses correctly. So I set my sights on finding a yoga studio and the closest thing to that that I could find on the Westbank was a small gym that taught 2 yoga classes a week. (This was before Yoga Krewe was around) I’d never been a member of a gym before so it was all new to me. How to operate a treadmill?!? I liked that okay and the yoga classes and teacher were good and I started to really get into yoga. I loved how I felt taking a regular yoga class. Learning and yes, making sure I was doing poses correctly and learning so many more poses. After a couple of years the gym cut back to 1 yoga class a week. I decided that was not worth what I was paying for a month and moved to a bigger, impersonal gym but they had yoga more often. With my schedule I was able to take 2-3 classes a week. Unfortunately, if there were not 3 people in the class, it was cancelled. I left the gym and yoga all together during a difficult 1 ½ years in my life when ironically, I needed it the most. Hind sight and all of that. I went back to the big, impersonal gym and after about a year they cancelled all together the 1 class I made every week. So my quest to find a yoga studio on the Westbank started again which brought me to your door and was I HAPPY to find Yoga Krewe! A very personable place! More like a yoga oasis, my very own yoga community. I love that you have so many classes each day, every day there is a class! What a concept! I’m looking forward to spending many years learning and practicing yoga with you. Your teachers are completely different that those I had in gyms in that you teach all about yoga; it’s not just about the poses but more a way of thinking and being grateful for what we have, what our bodies do for us every day! I’ve learned more with your studio in the last few months than I did in the years I spent in a gym. Yoga studio is definitely the way to go! I’m so grateful that you opened your doors here, on the Westbank.


I've practiced Yoga, off and on, for 15 years. There was never a convenient place to go to class. But then Yoga Krewe opened last April and gave me the opportunity to go to Yoga classes on a regular basis. I've gained strength, flexibility and balance. But more than all of these great benefits, I have a new self confidence. The teachers at Yoga Krewe have given me sense of well being and the feeling that I can do anything! " You are stronger than you know" has become one of my mantras.

Another great and unexpected benefit of classes at Yoga Krewe is all the new friends I've made. I look forward to going to class, not just for the instruction, but to catch up with the people in class.

Thank you Michelle, Mark and Jen for bringing Yoga Krewe to the Westbank.


I have taken Yoga in the past – off and on. Mostly off. I have always enjoyed it but got caught up in the belief that I needed more cardio and muscle to be healthier. I tried that - and was impressively bored. Being that bored is impressive. So after about 4 years – I tolerate boredom well – I found Yoga Krewe.

From the first class, I was hooked. Oh, at 61 years old, it not easy to flow and float and in general twist oneself into all kinds of shapes. But, I was hooked and determined. I started out hardly able to keep up with a gentle flow class but now can do really well all the way through a Level 2 class. Oh, Downward Facing Dog turns into Downward Sweaty Dog and I sometimes swear under my breath but in good humor. With the gentle adjustments of Paige (thank you SO much) and the gentle humor of Tiffany, and the supportive and helpful words from everyone, I am so proud of all that I have accomplished just since July of this year.

I still forget about hips that sneak forward, and shoulders that creep up to my ears but that is why Yoga is a practice. Oh and balance… balance is always a challenge – but if I fall – it’s only Yoga. And, it’s just practice - Ego has no place on the Yoga mat. What I have found on my mat, is a greater sense of peace, calm and greater endurance. I have more muscle definition and strength in my shoulders and arms than I ever found lifting weights. The strength from the bench press of 310 pounds that my legs could do before - now helps a lot when that chair pose seems to go on forever And it does…….for so long. And, I love it.

So, that’s my story. I know Yoga Krewe has helped me to find greater strength both physically and emotionally. It keeps me moving and my practice gives me a reason to laugh. Really – I can be awkward.

It’s just Yoga, and it’s more than just Yoga. It’s a way of looking at life and oneself with kindness and humility.


I would just like to say how thankful I am that you opened Yoga Krewe on the Westbank. I did Yoga many years ago and so loved it but then live happened and I discontinued. When you open I was one of your first Yogis and have continued to be one of your Yogis. Even with all the changes in my life and at the studio Yoga has been a study balance to my life.
Yoga is the yoking of the mind, body and soul and you have taught this to me so very much. It is not if we can do a pose perfectly it is the trying and to set our minds to the practice of balancing the mind, body and soul.

The staff at Yoga Krewe does acknowledge the true meaning of Namaste - in that you do honor the light within the yogis.