The Westbank is a laid-back, relaxed community across the river from New Orleans. We knew that it would be great to have its own Yoga Studio as many of us cross the river each day to practice Uptown or Downtown. However, finding the perfect spot for it was a great challenge!


We are fortunate enough to have found that perfect space at the Gretna Marketplace - a crossroads on the Westbank that is easily accessible to a great majority of us. You'll find us at the corner of Belle Chasse Highway and Terry Parkway / Wall Boulevard.

Yoga Krewe is a 2300+ sq ft space that includes a large, comfortable foyer and two separate practice rooms. The Main Studio has one wall of solid windows and is a very spacious 1000 sq ft. The Meditation Room (smaller studio) is quiet and nearly 500 sq ft.


The beautiful wood floors in the two studio rooms are reclaimed Cypress. They were milled from 120+ year old beams rescued from old brick warehouses. These straight edged boards were installed by hand, one nail at a time - as floors were installed over a hundred years ago. We hope you enjoy practicing within the ancient southern grove.