Michelle grew up in a Dance Studio. She determined at an early age that she loved to teach movement to people. So when someone invited her to teach Yoga, it was a natural progression and an easy answer.
Her two youngest children arrived within the last two years and she is excited to be teaching Yoga at the studio.
She is a 200 Hr RYT (registered yoga teacher), trained in SmartFLOW Yoga. She is also a recent graduate of the Next Generation Yoga (NGY) Kids Training and is bringing that wonderful teaching to kids in the community. She currently teaches Level 1 classes, Gentle Yoga, Kids Yoga and Prenatal Yoga at Yoga Krewe.
Paige took her first yoga class from Alvina Haverkamp in 1998. Alvina became her teacher, mentor, and friend, and the two worked closely for many years. Paige is a graduate of the Temple of Kriya Yoga Home Study program, the Swan River Advanced Teacher Training program, and the Ananda Seva Mission Yoga Therapy program.
Paige crafts classes that are challenging, yet accessible. She draws inspiration from classical yoga texts such as Patanjali's Yoga Sutras and The Bhagavad-Gita. Wisdom from these texts is woven into the framework of the class to illustrate how relevant our practice is to life off the mat.
Paige's favorite description of yoga comes from the Bhagavad-Gita, "Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the Self."
Loren hails from the pacific shores of the West Coast, but now resides in New Orleans where she is a Garden Educator at a local school. Yoga has been a part of her life for about 12 years she believes that the tools and philosophy of yoga are useful for bringing contentment, strength, and compassion to the individual, and through the individual to our community and our world. She emphasizes patience, presence, and mindfulness. Loren believes that yoga is a journey that can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone, regardless of age, spiritual orientation, or health.

Loren studied to be a teacher in 2010 at the Nosara Yoga Institute, and has since received over 500 additional hours in trainings for therapeutics, restorative yoga, kids yoga, prenatal yoga, and ayurveda. She is certified to teach yoga for Heart Disease and Cancer. She is currently working towards her 800-hour certification to be a Yoga Therapist, and hopes to work more intensively with therapeutics aimed at physical and/or emotional imbalance in studio and medical settings.


Loren’s favorite quote these days is the mantra Purnamadah Purnamidam Purnat Purnamudachyate Purnasya Purnamadaya Purnameva Vashishyate, Om shanti, shanti, shanti meaning “that is whole, this is whole, from the whole wholeness comes forth, when something is taken from the whole wholeness remains, Om peace, peace, peace”. Yoga is a journey from a mistaken sense of brokenness or incompleteness, to wholeness. 

Marie has always been into fitness. This married, mother of two, grandmother of 5, was a New Orleans Saints cheerleader after High School. After staying at home for 10 years with her kids, she taught Pre-Kindergarten at Vistiation of Our Lady for 20 years!
In 2006, Marie began taking Hatha Yoga classes and found the passion in her life. Eight years later, Marie decided she wanted to find the center in her Life - and determined that Yoga was it!  She teaches several classes around the city and here at Yoga Krewe!
Marie is certified in Group Fitness, Kid's Yoga and has her 200 hour RYT with Annie Carpenter's SmartFLOW Program.  When she isn't teaching, she LOVES to practice Yoga! 
"Just take a deep breath and enjoy your life!!!"  - Marie
Jami fell in love with yoga while living in Southern California and working as Editor-in-Chief for several publications. Yoga was a way to calm her executive brain and find center in the storm of a busy life. Married to a Marine and uprooted to Japan, Jami had the opportunity to complete a Fusion/Vinyasa teacher training, something she had always wanted to do but never had the time.

During training, Jami realized her true calling was teaching. She quit her prestigious career, now done virtually, and started teaching at the local military bases - working with veterans, wounded warriors, dependents and local nationals. While in Japan, Jami expanded her knowledge of exercise science getting additional certifications in Pilates, group exercise, indoor cycling, high-intensity interval training, aquatics for athletes, BodyCombat and many more.

Recently transplanted to New Orleans, Jami shares her zest for life and love of yoga with our Krewe, through fun, challenging and empowering classes that encourage students to step out of their comfort zones, love their authentic selves and live their best lives!

Gaye began practicing yoga to relieve stress, and was deeply moved by the healing benefits of this powerful practice. After practicing for several years she decided to share her love of yoga with the New Orleans community. She trained at the Yandara Yoga Institute in Todos Santos Mexico, and received her 200 RYT certification. Her goal as a teacher is to leave students with the same peace and healing that yoga brings to her.
Caroline is a local girl who found her love of yoga through her Dad. After taking her first class here at Yoga Krewe she decided that teaching was the path for her. She took her 200 hr training at Shanti Yoga Shala in 2015 and has loved yoga ever since. Caroline's classes are gentle in nature and it is her goal to have you leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. When she isn't practicing yoga Caroline is a professional makeup artist. She loves making people feel beautiful inside and out!
After decades working as an Executive Secretary, Debbie decided to make a change. Certified as a Personal Trainer & Group Exercise instructor in 1996, and certified in yoga in 2005 through YogaFit, she taught before and after work. But teaching was where her passion lay, and what she wanted to do on a full time basis, so Debbie set up Bodyfusion an in home training service in 2012 . Realizing she wanted to spend more time developing her yoga practice and teaching skills she attended classes at studios across town, until Yoga Krewe opened their doors in 2014. When the 200 RYT Training was offered in October 2016 Debbie jumped at the opportunity to take her practice and training to the next level. One month after the training she was thrilled to be offered a class at Yoga Krewe. Monday Morning Gentle Yoga has introduced her to other members of the Yoga Krewe family and as a sub she can’t wait to meet even more. Dharma and savasana bookend and complete her classes and Om in its simplicity is her favourite chant. Outside of teaching, Debbie loves time on the water with her husband and their dog Brodie, good food and wine, and probably too much time with Netflix.

Marion was born and raised in Southern California. Her yoga practice began at 17 years of age as a mandatory component to massage school, and was met with a little bit of youthful stubbornness. Over the years, massage and education took the limelight, as Marion had studied various biologies, anatomy, physiology and kinesiology. Yoga was always in the background, serving as a physical outlet more so than a creative one. And then one day, it clicked- yoga and massage go hand in hand. She began taking yoga much more frequently and seriously, and her first yoga certification process was in Los Angeles. Vinyasa, Prana and Power were her first and most influential loves on the mat. Noticing the stuck-ness in bodies and the large disconnect of the mind/body, Marion's teaching style developed into a very powerful and effective practice. Her current practice is very anatomical, alignment based and goal oriented, driven to give people the most amount of freedom and ownership of their bodies in the shortest amount of time. Very recently, Marion took another certification with Shanti Yoga Shala here in New Orleans, and her yoga vocabulary has expanded greatly- now not only just a power leader, but proficient in gentle flow, pregnancy and restorative, as well. A 16 year practice, a 6 year teaching streak, and a lifetime of a journey, Marion is happy to share the gift of yoga.
As an adult, Pam has been an aerobics and weight training enthusiast. Yoga fit into those practices - sometimes - but not all that often. About 2 and a half years ago , she decided to go back to Yoga - but in a more focused way. Fast forward to today. It took exactly one class to remind her how much she loved it; and, how much she had been missing. Pam now practices yoga 6 days a week in addition to her teaching. Pam received her 200 RYT Training at Yoga Krewe on the West-bank, in April of 2017 and her Trauma Informed Yoga training in Santa Monica, CA in June or 2017. She enjoys sharing her practice with others and continues to learn more every day about how to be a Yogini. Pam believes that yoga is a journey that can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone, regardless of age, body type or size, disability, spiritual orientation, or health.

Her favorite Yoga word is OHM.

Her favorite Yoga Goddess is Durga. She is the warrior goddess, whose mythology centers around combating evils and demonic forces that threaten peace, prosperity, and dharma of the good. She is the fierce form of the protective mother goddess, willing to unleash her anger against wrong, violence for liberation and destruction to empower creation.

Sarah has been practicing yoga since 2006, when she found it a gentle way to get in a workout. She continued practicing as she found yoga to be beneficial to her mind, body, and spirit. She graduated from Next Generation Yoga 8-13 year old Teacher Training in February 2017 and the Yoga Krewe RYT 200 course in March 2017. She is a teacher by trade, so guided instruction comes naturally to her. She has loved being able to fuse her two loves of teaching and yoga by becoming an instructor at Yoga Krewe. She is excited to offer Yoga Krewe's first ever Family Yoga class where family members of all ages can practice together and the Quick Flow class for Yogis on the run!
“True yoga is not about the shape of your body, but the shape of your life...for it to be truly called yoga, its essence must be embodied.” — Aadil Palkhivala
I'm Tricia. I became interested in PiYo & Kids Yoga after learning and experiencing the many benefits for both adults and kids, including learning to be in the moment. I'm a self-employed Accountant and mother to a very active young daughter. Being able to participate in an activity with her by my side is a reward in itself! I look forward to the endless possibilities!
Cate graduated from the Next Generation Kids Yoga 8 - 13 year old Teacher Training in February 2016 and the 2-7 year old training in June 2016. She absolutely loves working with children, and giving them an avenue to be creative and exercise their imagination. She is very excited to help spread Kids Yoga around New Orleans and beyond.
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