Vinyasa Level 1
This class is great for beginners or experienced yogis looking to touch up on fundamental poses. This class takes a slow flow through basic yoga poses. We focus on listening & loving the body while bringing peace to the mind. Be prepared for a bit of a meditation and pranayama (breath work).

Vinyasa Level 2
Are you ready to advance your practice and explore some more challenging poses? Then Vinyasa Level 2 is for you! Experienced Level 1 yogis welcome, as modifications are given for every pose.

Whether you are post injury, new to yoga, or just looking to relax, a gentle sequence may be just what you need. Beginner friendly with gentle poses meant to bring length to your muscles while relaxing your mind.

Using many props and supported positions to usher the body into a state of deep relaxation, in which the body is able to actively heal and restore. We will hold 4-5 poses for 5-15 minutes at a time, finding small, gentle flows to transition between them. We will use pranayama (breath) and meditation to work with the mind, and explore deeper states relaxation.

Yin Yoga
Slower paced style of yoga. We hold postures for 45 seconds to 5 minutes. This helps provide increased circulation to the connective tissues of the body while improving flexibility.

Healing Heart & Soul
No matter who we are, we are all impacted by stress and trauma. Those experiences impact our ability to feel safe, grounded and present. Through the use of
Yoga postures, breathwork, and sensory regulation, this class will allow the participant to create a
healing and supportive mind/body practice.

Chair Yoga
A gentler form of yoga that is practiced either sitting or standing using the chair for balance and support. Poses found in a Level 1 class are modified to provide the same benefit while supported by a chair.